Created in 2000 by André Gauthier, co-founder of the LGS Group, and his children, Maryse, Eric and Martin, the André Gauthier Foundation is a private foundation whose main mission is to help the most vulnerable members of our society: people with serious illnesses, those facing poverty, homelessness, violence, alcoholism, drug addiction and their loved ones.

The Foundation was created following the illness and death of Huguette, André’s wife and mother to Maryse, Eric and Martin. “When serious illness and death touched our lives, it marked the beginning of a long journey. We needed to deal with illness, death and its consequences: treatments, the hospital environment, fragility… We have become aware that, too often, the human component is neglected or simply unaddressed, although this angle is absolutely essential.”

One of the objectives of the André Gauthier Foundation is precisely to support organizations that deal with the human dimension of suffering.


The Gauthier family members participate actively in the management of the Foundation and in the decision-making process for the allocation of donations. Since its creation in 2000 and up until 2020, the André Gauthier Foundation is proud to have supported more than 150 projects totalling more than $1,500,000 granted to numerous charitable organizations active in Quebec, Canada and abroad.



Charitable organizations interested in submitting an application must propose a specific and, if possible, innovative project by contacting the André Gauthier Foundation by email.

In addition to the presentation of their project, the applicant must describe their organization’s mission, include their most recent financial statements, and provide their official charitable registration number.

All projects will be reviewed by the Project Director, Louise Mathieu, and will then be presented to the Foundation’s Board of Directors for evaluation and decision.

Each applicant will receive an acknowledgment email. If the project is accepted, a letter will follow informing them of the success of their request.

All applications must be delivered by email to the following address:

[email protected]